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Jean Dion
Bruce Pullig
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Bryce Bowman
Geoff Barnett
Tony Reichmuths
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Jeppe Schafer
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Corrado Crovetto
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Doug Todd
Geoff Durham
Open Audit Team

VisioCafe is an independent non-profit web site for the gathering together of IT industry Visio collections.
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Updated, 28-Mar-2012
Updated, 16-Aug-2007
Avere Systems
Updated, 07-Jul-2011
Updated, 28-Aug-2007
Updated, 02-Dec-2011
Updated, 18-Feb-2008
Thales nCipher
Updated, 16-Aug-2007
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24-Mar-2014 - David Keenum joins VisioCafe with his new Visio collection of Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID shapes
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  More Stencil Collections (listed by date)
David Keenum's new collection with Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID shapes .zip Apple-Xserve 260KB 24-Mar-2014 Click for large view
Stephen Howe's new collection with a flat UI lan stencil set .zip Flat-LAN-v1 579KB 19-Dec-2013 Click for large view
Fabian Feder has created a new set of symbol icons .zip Symbols 19KB 23-May-2013  
Ricky Harding has a new set of computer icons for logical design .zip Service_Design_Template 1,599KB 22-Mar-2013 Click for large view
Hayden Searle's collection of shapes for McAfee .zip McAfee_Endpoint
.zip McAfee_Visio
Click for large view
microdrones collection of Visio stencils for their Quad-Rotor RC UAV Micro drones .zip microdrones-icon-collection-md4-200
.zip microdrones-icon-collection-md4-1000
.zip microdrones-icon-collection-tools
21-Aug-2012 Click for large view
Aleksandar Slavov has a set of Mobotix stencils he created. .zip Mobotix 113KB 07-Oct-2011 Click for large view
Jacob Balser's set of Xyratex Storage stencils .zip Xyratex_Storage_v3 11,970KB 29-Nov-2010 Click for large view
Steven Tunstall's un-official collection of SUN and StorageTek products .zip StevenTunstall_2010
.zip StevenTunstall_2007
Daniel Harris has created a new set of Chen ER stencils. .zip Chen_ER 50KB 09-Aug-2010 Click for large view
Matt Calvert's collection of shapes for SUN and Dell .zip MattCalvert-SUN 5,690KB 22-Feb-2010 Click for large view
Jean Dion's un-official collection of SUN, StorageTek and IBM products .zip JeanDion_2010
.zip JeanDion_2004
Bruce Pullig's un-official collection of SUN and EMC products .zip BrucePullig 4,177KB 22-Jun-2009
Bas Dorland has a set of Virtuozzo stencils he created.  Read more at .zip BasDorland_Virtuozzo 228KB 27-Sep-2007 Click for large view
Bryce Bowman's collection of shapes for Coyote Systems .vss CoyoteSystems 96KB 16-Jul-2007 Click for large view
Geoff Barnett's set of Citrix server stencils includes the "Citrix Access Gateway" .zip citrix_as4_shapes 368KB 08-Dec-2006 Click for large view
Tony Reichmuths's collection is an unofficial set of SUN and EMC shapes .zip TonyReichmuth 6,540KB 08-May-2006 Click for large view
Richard McCarthy's new collection of shapes for Veritas. .zip Veritas 78KB 30-Nov-2005 Click for large view
Dee McQueen has a set of Citrix server stencils he created. .zip CitrixMetaFrameComponents 405KB 18-Oct-2005 Click for large view
Jeppe Schafer's set of Symantec GateWay Security device stencils .zip Symantec-GateWay 4,544KB 10-Oct-2005 Click for large view
Julien Littler's collection of shapes for FortiNet .zip FortiNet 3,993KB 30-Aug-2005 Click for large view
Corrado Crovetto's collection of shapes for BeOS! .zip BeOS_Stencils 1,019KB 30-Mar-2005 Click for large view
Angel S P brings a set of files for Mind Graphing, read more at the authors web site .zip creation-pack1
visio creation-pack2
visio data-model
Click for large view
Doug Todd's set of Citrix server stencils .zip CitrixMetaFrame 192KB 28-Sep-2004 Click for large view
Geoff Durham has a Citrix server stencil set he created. .vss CitrixStencil 1,735KB 18-Sep-2004 Click for large view
The Open Audit Team created this set of Sarbanes-Oxley stencils .zip OpenAudit 240KB 04-Sep-2004 Click for large view
Aruba's collection of wireless networking products .zip Aruba 742KB 28-Mar-2004
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